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Customer Product:
solid walls / slabs with connecting reinforcement and complex element details

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Project description

Only a few kilometres from Singapore lies Johor in southern Malaysia, where a highly ambitious development project is running.

It is the largest city development project in Asia and is intended eventually to offer new homes to about 700,000 people in an extensively greened, sustainable "smart city". Several precast plants are being contributing to the construction of the greened, architecturally sophisticated residential buildings, in some of whcih RATEC magnetic shuttering technology has been installe. 

Apart from robot-compatible standard shuttering for the production of wall and floor slab elements, the Ratec engineers have also developed a new shuttering solution to meet the specific customer requirements for the realisation of the sometimes complex element details.
The difficult shuttering challenges can be solved quickly and easily with the new Easy Form shuttering system. The system consists of a basic carrier with a height of just 25 mm, which is built up vertically via ribs and clad with timber. Ribs of various heights enable a smooth change in the shuttering height.
Continuous reinforcements from a height of 25 millimetres can be realised with the flat base. Easy Form has been designed as a construction kit that is easy to expand and supplement and is already very flexible in use with few components.

Thanks to the wide range of accessories, this system provides the solution to all shuttering problems. Even complex geometries with upstands and protruding reinforcements can be realised in an uncomplicated way. Here the UAR universal adaptor is used for supports and setbacks with connecting reinforcements in the element.
Due to the flexible options for bolting robot and crane attachments to the basic carrier, Easy Form – once assembled – can be manipulated simply by crane or spreader bar. Sealing parts optimised to the reinforcing steel are available for the
sealing of the reinforcement penetration.

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