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Work in Progress: Finishing of room module moulds for Peru

Two room module moulds for the second modular housing production in Peru are currently being completed in Hockenheim. In mid-February, the moulds will go on their long journey from RATEC's headquarters in Hockenheim to Peru, where they will be installed at our customer's new modular housing factory.

Katarina Noack, 02/03/2020

in 公司新闻

Almost 8 years after the first modular housing project in Peru went into operation, the opening of the second production facility in the north of the country is rapidly approaching. The pre-sale of the new modular homes, which are state-funded by interest-free loans, has already started successfully.

A dream for many Peruvians that is coming true - and we are very proud to contribute to the success of our customer's projects. 

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